Running a Session

Navigating a session

Get started

From your Home page, find the session you would like to start and select Run Session.


Review instructions and targets assigned within each program. You will have an opportunity here to gather appropriate materials and set up the environment for the session before it starts. Choose Get Started! when you're ready to begin.


The session timer will automatically begin at the start of the session. Timers for individual programs (frequency-based, duration) will begin when you record a response for the first target or when manually initiated by the user. 

Switching programs

You can run through programs sequentially in the given order, selecting Next Program when you are ready to move on. If multiple programs need to be run concurrently throughout the session, you can select the Session tab at the bottom to quickly alternate from one program to the next. Any targets that have been pinned by the session creator will appear on the top of the screen.

Recording ABC data

To collect ABC data during a session, click on the icon on the top right of your screen. The timer can be used, or start and end times of behavior episodes can be manually entered. Select behaviors within each category that has been set up using the drop-down boxes. Click on Save Entry below to record the episode and continue with your session.


Record the wrong prompt level? No problem! Click the Undo button and adjust as needed.

Pause your session

In the event that you need to pause the session, simply click on the running session timer on the top left of your screen. Select OK when you are ready to resume.

Program notes

Record any program-specific notes at the bottom of a program during your session. Photos can be added to supplement your notes by selecting the icon. Videos can also be added here by selecting the icon.

Ending your session

To finalize your session, simply select Finish Session. Confirm that you want to end by clicking on OK. You will automatically be brought to a summary of your session's data; here you can add any necessary documentation in Session notes, in any combination of writing, files, and video formats.

Running a skill acquisition program

When you run a session with a skill acquisition program, you can record data by clicking the individual target and then selecting the level of prompting used during the trial. You can record an unlimited number of trials for each target. The platform will automatically keep track of and graph the recorded data, so it will be available for your analysis when you are ready.

Data recorded in the individual sessions can be viewed in the client's History .

Running a frequency-based program

As you work within a frequency-based program, a timer will appear in the upper left corner of the screen. The timer automatically starts, but you can pause the timer and manually enter a duration if you are using other devices to keep track of duration.

Apart from the duration, data collection is also identical to skill acquisition programs.

Running an interval program

When you open an interval program, a timer will appear under the session name. The timer can be set to automatically start, or if it has been set up to manually start, simply click on the timer to begin. A green counter will let you know which interval you are currently in. To change the status of the target behavior(s), simply click on the behavior button.

If the program creator set a warning before the end of each interval, a buzzing sound will occur at a set number of seconds before an interval ends (ensuring that you have recorded the appropriate data before the interval expires).

Running a duration program

When you open a duration program, a timer will appear under the session name. To start the duration timer, click on it and select a prompt level (if available). Click on the running timer again to stop and record that episode. The timer will zero out for the next occurrence, but the cumulative duration will be shown in green for your reference.