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Automated Prompt Level Fading

Most-to-Least Prompting

Looking for an efficient way to track and fade prompts within a session? For most-to-least prompting procedures, you now have the option to automate this process.

To set up an automatic prompt level fading program, the first step is to create a prompt level template. To do so, from the left-hand menu, navigate to Settings, Programs, Prompt Levels, and then select .

Once you've specified a name for your prompt level template, click on the advanced settings option (1), then select Automatic Prompt Level Fading Hints (2), and you can choose if you would like it to be across trials or across sessions.

prompt fading

A box (as shown below) will appear on your screen, which will allow you to select your initial prompt level and specify percentage matching guidelines for the prompt level to automatically progress or regress.

prompt 2

Next, add the prompt levels that you would like to document. Select the toggle to indicate your final goal prompt level(s) as successful outcome(s), if you wish for graphing purposes. Select Save once your prompt levels have been added in the appropriate order (least to most intrusive).

Quick tip:

For MOST-TO-LEAST programs, it is important that your prompts be in the order of least intrusive on top progressively to most intrusive on the bottom of the list (See the photo below for an example and non-example of appropriate order). The order can be adjusted by selecting the arrows on the right-hand side of each prompt level.
prompt 3
prompt 4

Once created, this prompt level template can be added to a program. During a session, the goal prompt will appear on the bottom of the target itself. It will also be denoted in bold font. In the example below, the current goal prompt level for the target "Soap" is partial physical. The prompt levels will automatically change according to the criteria that you set.