Frequency Programs

Frequency-based programs allow you to set goals for specific behaviors and work on either increasing or decreasing their frequency.

Frequency-based programs will keep track of both prompt counts and duration when collecting data and automatically chart data by rate of frequency over time.

Set up a frequency-based program

To create a frequency program, in your client's page, select Programs,  Add Program, and Frequency. The basic setup of frequency-based programs is identical to Skill acquisition programs. The primary difference is the way data is recorded and reported.

If you are doing a Behavior Frequency, you can add the Frequency program, and each behavior you will track as a target (as shown on the example below).


Pro-Tip: Recording Zero Occurrences
To ensure that data will be recorded even when there is no occurrences of the behavior, you need to make sure that the timer for the Frequency program is running. 

For behaviors that are going to be tracked throughout the entirety of a session, we would recommend selecting the box to start the timer with the session timer.

freqPinning a program will also ensure that the program has a time component by automatically linking it to the session timer.

Running a frequency-based program

When you run a session and start working on a frequency-based program, a timer will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. The timer automatically starts but you can pause the timer and manually enter a duration if you are using other devices to keep track of duration. To take data, click on the target and you will see the number on the upper right corner of the target.

frequency-1If the frequency program is pinned, the Observation time will be the same as the session timer.

Collecting clicker-data

Sometimes you might want to simply record clicker data without details on level of prompting. In that case, you can create a prompt level template with only one prompt level. E.g. "Spontaneous". In that case you simply use the target as a clicker when running a session. See a specific example in our prompt level demonstration video.

Analyzing progress on behavior frequency programs

Visit Progress to see the graphs of your client's progress.

Click on the program's title (on the example above: Reduction - Behavior Frequency) to see graphs of historic session data, along with target-specific details on status, introduction date, and mastery date.


As more data is collected, the progress chart will display frequency over time per prompt level. You can see an aggregated overview of the frequency on all targets, and you can click the individual target to drill down and see how the frequency developed over time.

You can export the data from the graph into different formats (PDF, Excel, Image), by clicking on the iconbehavior2 located on the upper right side of the graph.