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How do I update the Hi Rasmus app to the latest version?

You can see which version of the app you are using in the lower right corner of the login-page and in the Help section of the app.

In general the app is automatically updated with the latest features without the need to do anything actively from your side. However, there might be cases where you want to make sure that you are on the latest version.

On a computer or smartphone browser

  • Go to app.hirasmus.com
  • Refresh the page in the browser to make sure it loads the newest version
  • Wait apx. 30 seconds for the app to update
  • Close all browser windows and tabs with Hi Rasmus open
  • Go to app.hirasmus.com

The version in the lower right corner of the login-screen should be updated now.

Updating the App

If you have Hi Rasmus installed as an app you can update to the latest version in the App Store (Apple devices) or Play Store (Android Devices). The native app versions of Hi Rasmus is sometimes published up to a few days later than the browser version due to review policies from Google and Apple. You can always see the current and latest version in Help section of the App.