How do I change a workflow for a specific program?

Want to individualize the workflow for each client? Take a look here!

Once a workflow is created, it will be available across your organization, meaning everyone within your organization will be able to use that workflow for their clients.

Instead of creating one workflow for each client/program, you can adjust an existing workflow to meet the individualities of each client and their programs.

To do so, when creating a program, under Data Recording, you will select Mastering Workflow, by clicking on the arrow on the right side.

workflowThe drop down menu will show the current workflows your organization has created already. You will then choose the one that most approximates to your goal.

Once you do, you will click on the icon and you will be taken to a page where you can adjust the workflow.

After making all the changes you need, you can click save. The workflow will have a yellow triangle by it's name, meaning that the workflow was changed for that specific program. Those changes will not affect the original workflow created by your organization!