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How do I Generate a Treatment Plan for a Client?

Once a treatment plan template has been created, you can follow these steps to create a treatment plan for any of your clients with a few simple clicks.

Once logged into a client's page, navigate to their Progress page from the main menu. Select the "Reports" tab on the top right.

To create a new report, select "Add New Progress Report". Here, you can choose to select a templated report or create a report from scratch. Select a report, then edit the title and description as desired and click "SAVE".

If you've selected a template, those components should auto-populate on your report. To edit any component, simply click on that section, make your edits, and click "Save" to see those edits in your report.

To ensure quick loading time, the graphs in your plan default to hidden in edit mode, but you can see them by selecting "Show this graph" or "Show all graphs".

Did you know?

You can change the time frame of all graphs in your document by selecting the calendar drop-down on the top right of your report. Here, you can select a standard time period, or you can customize it with specific date ranges.

To export your report, select the "Export" icon on the top of your report. This will produce a pdf document that you can submit to funding sources or save in your files for documentation.