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Inactive Staff Profiles

How to make a staff member's profile inactive and how to see that staff member's profile later.

Making a staff member's profile inactive and finding that staff member later on

How to Make a Staff Member's Profile Inactive

When you make a staff member's profile inactive, you will still be able to access their data and programs at any time. This simply removes the ability to run new sessions and collect new data.

  1. Select Clients on the left hand menu bar
  2. Select Staff on top right
  3. Select the staff member's profile you would like to make inactive
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page. In the subscription license box, remove the staff competency license and press save. 
  5. A pop up notification will need you to confirm that the staff member's profile will be inactive. Press ok. 
  6. The screen will take you back to the list of current active staff member profiles. 

How to view inactive Staff Member Profiles 

  1. Click client in the upper right hand corner
  2. Scroll past all your clients until you see the grey line that says staff
  3. Your inactive Staff Member Profile will still remain in this list for you to review past history

Be sure to verify your number Staff Competency License(s) is updated on the subscription page! 

Go to settings > subscription