Your data, graphed how you need it.

With Insights, we make it easy to keep a perfect overview of your clients' progress and therapy. Here, you can drill down into the data to get the exact knowledge you need or use it in reports.

This page is still being improved, but will eventually replace the Progress page.


  • Days to Master Targets per Program
  • Distribution of Prompts
  • Manda Data - past 14 days with trendlines
  • Mastered Targets per Month
  • Weekly Trials per User
  • Mastered Targets per Month
  • Cumulative Mastered Targets
  • Export: all programs and targets
  • Export: all session data
  • Number of Mands or Behaviors (frequency programs)
  • Success-rate per program
  • Total Observed Duration per Target


First, select a category to open the related graph.


Under "Settings" on the right hand side, you can manipulate various aspects of the graph. (You can click the icon on the top right portion of your graph to show/hide this menu.)


Select the top drop-down menu to change the period shown (today, yesterday, previous 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, 3 months/90 days, 6 months/183 days, previous year/365 days, this month, last week, last month, all time, and custom).

The second drop-down menu will give you the option to select your data source (targets, session data, or behavior incidents).

Modify your x-axis to reflect your desired independent variable by selecting one of the options listed in the x-axis drop down menu. (Options include: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Session, Programs, Targets, Prompt Level, and User)

Below that, you can modify what details are graphed relating to Data (Success-rate, Successful Observations, and Occurrences), Frequency (Occurrences/hour, Occurrences/day, Success/hour, Success/day), Duration (Total observed, Minimum observed, Maximum observed, Average observed) specifically, and Prompt Fading (prompt success-rate).

The "Filter" selection allows you to select what is graphed by Program, Tags, Program Type, Target Status, and Users. And right below you can select if your data will be grouped or not!

We have also made it easy to toggle between views of data as a line graph or a bar chart by selecting the corresponding icon.

Quick Tip: Efficiently remove programs from your view by selecting the program name or icon from the key below the graph. The corresponding data will disappear from the graph, and the program will appear in gray in the key. Want to add it back? Simply click on the program name again!


Do you tend to use similar settings when analyzing certain graphs? Try our "Favorites" feature! Once you have fine-tuned your graph view details, simply select the icon on the top right portion of the graph. Here, you will be able to name your current selection of setting preferences and save it as a default view for either your current client or for all of your clients. You also have the ability to limit the chart's visibility among users.


Need to add your graph to a report? No problem! We have made exporting data simple and straightforward. Select the icon at the top right corner of your graph; here, you are offered options of exporting as an image (PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF), as data (JSON, CSV, XLSX, HTML, PDF), or a printed document.