How can I manually add data from past sessions?

To manually add retroactive data, follow the steps below

1. Find an existing (or create a new session) that includes the programs and targets for which you will be adding data.
2. Select the three dots on the top right side of that session.

3. Select + Manual Session Entry.

4. This will take you to a fully editable datasheet for a clean session. You can adjust the date, start/end times, duration, and indicate which user ran the session. To add target data, select the checkmark to the right of the respective target, and choose the prompt level if appropriate. 

Pro Tip: If you click and hold the checkmark for frequency targets, you can enter the number of occurrences efficiently.

5. Once you've added your data, you can add a session note, signature, and comments if you choose to.

6. Select "Save", and your manual session will be reflected in your client's data and easily found on the client's timeline according to the date that you specified when editing the session.