Navigating Graph Settings

Understand the different options and views on your client's progress page


Basic Graph Navigation

Main Graph: A cumulative graph will be displayed on your learner's progress page at the very top that will display an overview of all mastered targets. You can click on recently mastered in the upper right hand corner to view a list of all recently mastered targets. 

Program Graph: Scroll through your list of programs and click on the title of the program of the graph you wish to analyze and the graph will open. 

  • Top left of the graph will display the program name and the objective
  • Initial graph when opening a skill acquisition program will show success rate over time for the past three months

Program Graph Settings: 

Settings Wheel: ->

  • Theme: option select color or black and white graph. Black & White graphs have different plotting symbols where colors all are circles in different colors. 
  • Y-axis & X-axis:
    • toggle on a custom label and name the y-axis and/or x-axis of your graph
    • toggle on custom min and max values of your y-axis
    • disable viewing grid lines on your graph
    • press apply if editing of these changes

Additional Graph Settings: 

  • Time Period: adjust the time period of data points on your graph's x-axis
  • Session Data: where the data is being sourced from 
  • X-Axis: view your graph's x-axis by various time frames and/or you have the option evaluate by targets, programs, and/or users
  • Y-Axis: adjust based on the type of program (skill acquisition, frequency, duration) 
  • Filter: option to view multiple programs and/or targets on the graph
  • Grouping: option to group the data, by programs, targets, users, and/or prompt levels
  • Graph Type: view data as a line chart, column chart, stacked chart, algorithmic line chart (if graphing by session), and scatterplot
  • Annotations: toggle on trend lines, averages, and/or phase change lines
    • trend lines are only available to turn on when the x-axis is graphed by sessions
    • View phase change lines already created and/or manually add in a phase change line (click here to see how to add a phase chase line)
      • can be across a client (all graphs)
      • can be across a specific program
      • can be across a specific target

*If you make an adjustment to a graph and you want it to be your default view, click on the purple star in the upper right hand corner of your graph. A green notification on your screen will pop up letting you know that you have successfully saved this graph to your program default.

**The default view is also what will be pulled into any report templates if you are pulling in program graphs.