Program Personalization

Save time when you are writing programs. This article explains how to write programs in a way that makes them easy to re-use for multiple clients.

In the Objective and Instructions of a program you can use LEARNER and the pronouns HE or SHE, and those will automatically be transformed to the client's name and correct pronouns when the program is viewed by a therapist or parent. This way, you can copy the programs to and from the library without having to worry about any sensitive information being transferred.

** If the client's gender is not specified when setting up the client's profile, the pronouns (he/she) will not be replaced.


Write an objective with the client's name and correct personal pronouns:

Learner will tact 10 different colors when asked "What color is this?" with 95% accuracy across 3 consecutive sessions.

Setting the client's gender
To set up the client's gender simply edit the client's profile on the Clients page.