Assigning the RBT Training

Learn how to purchase RBT Licenses and assign a staff member the RBT training modules

How to Purchase RBT license for Staff

  • click on settings
  • click on subscriptions
  • click on buy licenses under the 2nd box titled: One-time licenses

    • Please note you are charged immediately upon buying a RBT license(s)
    • There are discounted rates should you choose to buy 50+ and/or 100+ 
    • Toggle and/or type in the number of RBT licenses you wish to purchase
    • Press continue to checkout 
    • A summary will appear listing the number of licenses and the total amount your card on file will be charged, click confirm payment
    • You will now see on your subscription page, how many RBT licenses you have remaining (it should match up to the number of licenses you just purchased initially)
    • You will need to assign the RBT Training to the RBT candidate next

How to Assign the RBT Training to a Staff Member

  • Select library from the left hand side menu
  • Scroll all the way down under your library programs
  • Below where it says featured programs, click on RBT Training with Dr. Erin Moran
  • The RBT Training will load a new screen, select the green button that says get started and assign the RBT Training assigned staff by either selecting the staff member from the list (if a staff profile for the staff is already created) 

    • create a new RBT candidate profile by selecting add new staff member
    • Enter in staff member’s first and last name
    • Enter in staff member’s email address
    • Select save
  • The new staff member’s name will now appear as an option in the drop down menu 
  • Select add package 
  • Once the RBT Training loads, you will receive a notification on the bottom of your screen that states that the package was successfully added to the staff RBT profile
  • Select continue
  • It will bring you to the staff member’s home page where you will find the BACB RBT Initial Competency Assessment and Training Videos (see image below)

How to Give the RBT Candidate Access to the RBT Modules

  1. select clients on the left hand menu bar
  2. select staff on the top right hand side
  3. select the RBT candidate's profile you are wanting to share with it's user and/or other supervisors
  4. find the RBT candidate's name and make sure they have a check mark next to their name
    1. you can also share the staff's rbt training progress with additional supervisors*
  5. select save

*Pro Tip: If you do not see any staff members listed initially, click on the three grey dots on the right hand side and toggle on show inactive staff members. Any staff who are assigned the RBT training should now appear in the list.