BST-Based RBT 40-hour Training FAQ

Learn how to get started with our 40 hour, BST-based training program


What's included in the training?

Equip trainees to translate their ABA knowledge to real-life practice with our unique 40-hour RBT™ training. The course is online, interactive, and BST-based: candidates are required to put their skills to action and receive feedback through active student responses, asynchronous video and file uploads, smart task lists, and built-in chats. Supervisors will be able to log in, review and score candidate video uploads, and provide feedback.

The modules contain lessons from a variety of engaging speakers including: Dr. Kelsey Ruppel, Dr. Michael Mueller, Dr. Felicity Sedgewick, and Catherine Horton. Candidates will also hear from those in positions that they will likely encounter in practice, including RBTs, parents, and others on a client’s treatment team. 

How do I add and assign the training to a staff member?

The training can be found at the bottom of your library page, listed as "RBT Training with Dr. Erin Moran" under "Featured Programs". To add and assign the training to a staff member, select the green "Get Started" button. Using the drop-down, you have the option to add the package to a new staff member or select an existing staff member. (Look here for more information on staff profiles versus user profiles). Select "Add Package" once a staff member is selected.

How do I monitor the progress that a candidate is making?

To monitor the progress that a candidate is making, a supervising BCBA with access to the staff member's profile can navigate to that staff's page from the drop-down list at the top of the main menu. Once at that staff member's home page, they can easily see the current module and progress that has been made thus far. Navigating to the staff's History page will allow an overview of each completed module, including trial-by-trial data on the candidate's responses, all written responses, and any video candidate uploads available for scoring.

How can I chat with a candidate to provide feedback? 

To chat with a candidate to provide feedback, supervisors can add comments below any session in History. The candidate will receive a notification linking them to the specific comments and feedback that is provided.

Who can access a staff member's training modules and history?

Only those who are linked to a staff member's account will have the ability to access a staff member's training modules and history. Access can be granted by navigating to Organization > Users, selecting the user, and then selecting the staff profile from the list of Clients on the platform.

How long does a candidate have access to the training?

180 days

How do supervisors view and score competency uploads?

To view and score competency uploads, you can visit the candidate's History page, select SUPERVISE, and score while reviewing the videos.

If I'm an individual candidate without a supervisor, are there options for supervision in this experience?

We do offer options for an individual candidate without a supervisor who is seeking supervision in this experience. Please contact for more details!