Session Roles

You can watch a session and take control over taking data if necessary!

Session Lead

The user who initially starts a session will have the lead role. The session lead is designated by a light blue header. This user will be able to fully navigate and record data and notes during a session.

Session Observer

When a session is running, other users logged onto your client's home screen will be able to see the name of the user currently running the session. To join the session already in progress, these users can select "Watch Session". The session observer is designated by a gray header. These users will be able to navigate the session and monitor and observe real-time data collection, but they will not be able to record data. When these users enter and exit, the session will continue uninterrupted.

Handing off roles

If you are watching a session and would like to take over the lead role to collect data, find the icon at the bottom right side of your screen and select . You'll be asked to confirm that you want to take over data collection. Once confirmed, you will see a screen indicating that your request awaits the approval of the current session lead. The session lead will immediately receive the message below, which they can accept or deny.

If the transition is urgent, a session observer can force the process through by selecting "Take Control Now".