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User Privileges

There are additional user privileges you can customize for your organization

Pro Tip: Only Managers can customize and change user privileges

Navigating to User Privileges

  • Select settings -> Organization -> User Privileges 

Rename User Roles

  • Select the user role name -> Click on the blue pencil to the right of the user role name -> rename the role -> press 'OK'

    Adjusting User Roles

  • Under the selected user roles, you can select multiple features that you would like users to have simply by selecting the box next to each privilege.

Programs  Privileges: 

  • Add new targets: Users can add new targets to a program prior to starting a session or during a live session.
  • Manually change targets:  Users can open up a new target from a program or move a target from one phase to the next during a live session.

Sessions Privileges: 

  • Start Session With Pending Activities: By selecting this option, users can start a new session if there are session notes that still need to be completed or a signature has not been collected. 
  • Leave Sessions Open When Finishing Data Collection: Users can leave sessions open for another staff member to take over later.
  • Comment on Sessions:  Users can comment on session data summaries and tag appropriate staff members and/or other individuals.
  • Sign Any Signature Request: Users can sign off on session notes and/or reports 
  • Change To Any Session Note Template : Users have the option to choose which session note template they want to use writing that session note

Activities Privileges: 

  • Reopen and Edit Activities: Allows any user to reopen an activity (ex: previously rendered session) to edit session notes, time entry, signature, etc.
  • Unrender activities (integration only): Allows users to unrender a previously rendered session to edit details such as day and time session occurred, or if a session note needs to be edited. 
  • Preserve Signatures When Reopening/Editing Activities: Leaves initial user signatures on an activity that has been reopened or edited.
  • Change Time Frame of Own Activities: Allows users to change their own time frame of their own activity.
  • Change Time Frame of Others ActivitiesAllows all users the option to change the time fame of another user's activity.
  • Allow overlapping activities: Allows multiple sessions to overlap with days/times for one learner and/or one staff member.

Pro Tip: There is no need to press save. Any changes made will automatically save!