How to Create a Session

Create a session(s) for staff and/or caregivers to run and take data collection on current active programs

What is a session?

  • The online data collection sheet that holds a playlist of current active programs for therapists to run daily and collect data.
  • Once a session is created, it is always available for any user to start and collect data. Sessions can be updated as needed by adding and/or removing programs. 

How to create a session for my client

  1. Once programs have been added to your client's profile, click on the client's home page
  2. In the upper right hand corner, click on add all to session
  3. A separate tab divider will pop on the bottom of the screen where you can scroll from left to right to set up all the programs in a playlist

    1. Click and drag on a smaller box from left to right to re-arrange the order of the programs that will appear for your staff in the session. 

      **If you have more than 20 programs in a session, you have an additional option to move a program without having to click and drag the boxes.
      click o the 3 grey dots to the right of the program -> select move -> select the program from the drop down list that you'd like to move it in front of
    2. Pin a program to the top of the session by clicking on the red push pin in the upper right hand corner. Any program that is pinned, will have a red push pin in the upper right hand corner and be displayed first in the programs listed in the session. To unpin a program, click on the red push pin.
    3. Remove and/or Add a program to the session by scrolling up and down, behind the tab divider. Either click on the blue box to add to session or click on the red box to remove from the session. 

4. Click on the blue button that says schedule session (Note this is not scheduling sessions, it is creating a session that can be ran by any staff on any day)

5. Give the session a name (ex: Daily Session, Supervision Session, Parent Session, etc.)

  • Optional: A message to staff can be updated as needed. Use this to write a message/update to your staff which will be displayed on the preparation page. 

6. Press save. Now the session you have created will appear at the top of your client's home page for any staff member to run and collect data.