Quickstart Guide

We have worked hard to make the Hi Rasmus platform as intuitive as possible. This article gives you a step-by-step guide to getting quickly started with the platform.

To get started we suggest that you take these actions. It will take you approximately 10-15 minutes in total:

  • Create your first Client
  • Create a Program with Targets and Scoring criteria for the client
  • Schedule the first Session for the client
  • Run the session
  • Check and analyze the recorded data
  • Invite trainers and parents
Create your first Client

To add your first client click Clients in the left menu and then press the Add Client button.

Fill out details about the client. The only required information is the Client name. You can also add notes about the client.

Once you have filled out the details, scroll down and click Save.

When you have created multiple clients you can easily switch between the clients in top of the Main Menu.

Create a Program

Click Programs and then Add Program to create the first program for the client.

Start by naming the program. Keep the name short and easy to understand for all trainers working with the child. Note, that there are three tabs for editing the program.

Start by adding Instructions on how to run the program. Add the objective of the program and edit the instructions.

When writing instructions you can unleash your creativity and format the instructions however you like. Write in a language that matches the level of the caregivers and parents so it’s easy for them to understand them.

The most powerful instructions you can add is a demonstration video.  If you have logged in from your iPad or iPhone, the camera will open and you can record a small video demonstration or explanation. Please note that videos might take a few minutes to upload. Don’t worry, you can keep working on new programs and sessions while the app is uploading your video. Just be sure to wait for the uploads to finish before logging out or closing the app.


Once you have added the instructions you can add Targets for the program. Click the Targets tab and then click Add Target to add your first target. For each target, you can select the initial status.

Name the targets in an easily understandable way so they match the instructions and are easily understood by trainers and parents when working with the child.

Data Recording

On the Data Recording tab you can set up how details about how data is recorded. You can set up Automatic Mastering Workflows and Prompt Levels. For more info about these settings please refer to our guides on Mastery Criteria Workflows and Customizing Prompt Levels.

When you are all done scroll down and press Save.

Tip: Once you have added a program you can easily copy it to your library for use with other clients. Simple click the three dots in the right-most side of the Programs list and click Copy to Library...

Schedule a Session

When you go to the Home screen you will see a simple overview of the client's current programs. Click Add to Session to add the program to a new session.

The session will be shown in the bottom of the screen. You can add as many programs to the session as you wish and you can also add the same program multiple times. This is useful if you for example want to start probing new targets and then later during the session teach the targets in acquisition for that specific program.

Press Schedule Session to open the session scheduler. Name the session and select if you want it to be a single scheduled one or a recurring one, like a daily acquisition training or a bi-weekly maintenance session.

When the session is scheduled it will appear in the top of the client's Home page.

Run a session

Press Run Session to start a session with the client. Once the session is loaded and ready you will see a quick overview of the session. This allows you to find materials and read through the programs before getting started with the child.

Once the trainer and child is ready you can click Start session. Now the app is ready to collect data. All targets are shown along with their status and a big field for taking notes. When doing a trial with the child you (or the parent or trainer) record data by clicking the target and then the outcome. Don't worry, if you hit the wrong target or outcome you can press Undo and the last data entry will be deleted. A small marker on each target keeps track of the number of trials per target.

Check the recorded session data

Go to the Sessions menu to see the previously run session. Each session has a Notes and Data button. Click it to see the outcomes of the session. The data is recorded very granularly per target and outcome, so you can deep-dive into the results of a session and decide when a target should be moved forward towards mastery.

Hover or quickly tap (on mobile devices) one of the green / red trial outcomes to see details about the trial. The trials are shown sequential in the order they were taught.

Invite trainers and parents

One of the most powerful features of the platform is the ability to collaborate as a team. But before inviting trainers and parents to a client you should first set up all programs and targets and perhaps schedule a few recurring sessions that are relevant to the parents and trainers.

When this is done you can invite new trainers by clicking Clients and then click the icon of two avatars (right-most side) to edit trainers and parents with access to this specific child.

Click Invite Parent or Trainer to send a new invitation. You just need to enter the e-mail and role and click Send invitation. Then we will automatically send an invitation to the trainer and onboard the person.

The people you invite will be limited in their access to the system. They only have access to the specific client that they are invited to work with and they will not have access to features like the Library. However, you can invite the same person to multiple clients. That is useful if you have parents with multiple children in treatment.

What's next?

We hope you have had a great start with the Hi Rasmus platform. As you start to reap the benefits of using a collaborative and digital platform you can start adding more clients to your portfolio. When handling multiple clients you should take advantage of the Library to share programs across clients.

Any questions or comment? Please do not hesitate to contact us!