Navigating the platform

This article gives you a quick overview of where to find things once you've logged on.


The menu is your handy short-cut to navigating the app. It is split into two sections. The client specific navigation and your general navigation.

Client specific navigation

The Select client drop-down enables you to select which client you are working with.

Home is your overview for the client you have selected. At the Home page you can see scheduled sessions and the current programs for this client. The Home page is also where you build new sessions.

Visit Programs to set up and customize programs, objectives, and targets for the selected client.

History is where you can go to review past sessions. This gives you easy access to detailed data recorded during prior sessions.

Progress allows you to view graphs and monitor your client's progress over time across all programs.

Insights enables you to dig into the data further, offering a wider array of graphs to monitor your client's progress over time across all programs in more detail, according to your customized specifications.

Files is where you can upload and share documents that are important to your client's case.

General navigation

The Library is where you can store programs for later use. Programs in the library are shared across your clinic if you have multiple users.

On the Clients page, easily add clients and manage your roster. This is also where you can invite external trainers and parents to access the platform and participate.

In Settings , you can change your account information, such as email and password. This is also where you can modify and create prompt level templates and establish mastery flow criteria.

Visit Help for detailed resources as you set up and manage your caseload on the platform.