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Target Lifecycle

Targets are designed to be flexible by nature and you are free to configure them to fit your workflows. You can freely change target statuses as you like.

  • Waiting: target will not show in the session.
  • Probe: target will show in the session and you can take data on it.
  • Acquisition: target is part of the current goal and client is working on it. It will show in the session.
  • Mastered: target can be added to the session if you choose to by setting a maintenance schedule.
  • Closed: target is mastered and no longer trained. It is not available when running programs.
  • On Hold: target will not show on the session.
  • Discontinued: target is no longer being used and will not show on the session.

Manually adjusting a target status

Target statuses will automatically be set to Waiting initially. The status can be changed one target at a time by selecting the drop-down box to the right of each target. They can also be changed all at once, by clicking on Select All above the first target.


Introduction and Mastery Dates

The platform automatically stores the target's introduction date the first time you record data on that target. Likewise, the date is stored when you mark the target as Mastered, Closed, On Hold, or Discontinued. You can always overwrite these dates as needed.


When copying a program to the Library (and vice-versa) all targets are reset to the Waiting state. It is therefore important that you edit the program and select which targets to probe before including the program in a session.