Viewing Your Client's History

View and filter your client's previous session notes, data, and staff activities



Timeline View: View and filter previous events specific to your client

    • Specific target progress 
      • View when a target masters out or re-opens in a session
    • Previous sessions & data
      • View previous session notes and data
        • click on view on the bottom left hand corner of the session notes/data you are looking to review

        • a pop up of the summary of the session data will appear for you to review
      • Edit previous session notes and data
      • Limit session history visibility 
      • Delete a session if necessary
    • ABC data
      • Review ABC data and notes taken for your client. Here you can edit the abc data, view the graph, and/or delete the abc data. 
    • Program modification logs
      • Review any program updates and/or notes from the supervisor

Activities: Tracking activity time on sessions (sessions, supervision, breaks, transportation, other)

What is an activity? 

  • An activity allows your staff to track any activity time spent working with the client or other areas important for billing and payroll

What are the different types of activities available to track? 

Activity type Description
  • Status Type Description
    Pending notes (client notes not complete)
    In progress (client session currently in progress
    Pending signature (activity requires signature)
     Activity complete













By clicking on the 3 grey dots to the right of an activity, you can either edit the session activity or export the session notes and/or session notes and data. 

  • There is also an option to bulk export session notes and/or session notes and data
    • Click on the box to the left of the status icon and a red export button will appear in the upper right hand corner. Don't forget you can filter what you want to export.