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Managing Licenses

Learn how to add or remove licenses from your account

License Subscriptions

Hi Rasmus currently has two types of licenses with differing benefits: Standard and Premium. 

  Standard Premium
Price $19 per client/month $24 per client/month
Live Supervision not available available 
Telehealth  1 hour/ month/ client 30 hours/ month/ client
Reports across clients not available available
Retention of videos/Images taken during sessions  30 days 6 months rolling
Audit Logs not available available
 Pre-made Library content not available available 

To manage your license subscriptions, navigate to Settings > Subscription. On the top of the page, you will see the Current Plan, how many clients/licenses you have under Clients, and how many staff profiles/staff licenses you have under Staff.

Pro Tip: 
If you are currently on a Standard Subscription, you can try our Premium package for free for 3 months and see all the features available in Premium!

pic 1-1

If you need to make any changes to your subscription, you will click on Edit Plan and a new window will open. On this new window, you can select if you want the Standard or the Premium packages, you can specify if you want to pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly, and you can change the number of licenses you have.

pic 2-1

After you modified what you needed, you will click on Preview New Plan, and a new window will open.

pic 3-1

Here you will be able to review the changes made and approve the changes if they are correct.

Any additions or upgrades made in the middle of a billing cycle will be pro-rated. This means you no longer pay for a full first billing period when you add new clients in the middle of a billing period.