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How do I create a Treatment Plan Template?

Once you've set up client fields and treatment areas, learn how to create an organization-wide template for treatment plans

Visit Settings > Treatment Plans > Report Templates. Select "Add report template" and give your template a name.

To build content within your template, select "Add Section". Here, you can choose what type of content you would like to add; your options include Heading, Text, Treatment Progress, Custom Insights Chart, and Page Break. 


To add a heading, type your heading text, then select the heading style you desire.


You can use a text box to add narratives, insert pictures of logos or assessment results, or tables. Here, you can also add dynamic fields to pull from a client's profile.

Treatment Progress

Define different areas of treatment, then, using filters, you can pull in the programs that align with a given section. This will auto-pull the graphs from these programs.  You can also add explainer/progress text areas and any dynamic fields that you choose to add to the headers or footers, including treatment area, domain, baseline, objective/goal, etc.

Custom Insights Chart

You can also pull custom insights charts that have been created across all clients. Simply add a header, if desired, and select the insights chart that you would like to pull in from the drop-down list.

Page Break

We understand that layout is important in creating a treatment plan that is easy to digest and share! You can keep your treatment plan neat and tidy by adding page breaks between sections of your choosing.


A few tips:

To move sections to different positions within the template, click the 6 dots that appear to the left of the section title, then drag and drop to the desired placement.

To delete an unwanted section, click the red trash can to the right of the section.

Remember to click "Save" to lock your changes in!