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Invite therapists and parents

One of the most powerful advantages of the Hi Rasmus platform is the ability to have everybody on the same page and increase collaboration between therapists, teachers, and parents. The platform is built with a very tight security model, and the manager of a clinic has full control over who is able to access the individual clients.


To invite a person click Clients and then click the icon displaying two people.

This will open a list of users with access to the client. You can invite new users by click Invite Parent or Trainer. Enter the e-mail address and the role you want to specify for the person working with the client.

  • Parent: Can see and run sessions and access the client's History and Progress sheets.
  • External trainer: Can see and run sessions and access the client's History and Progress sheets.
  • Senior therapist: Same as the above but can also edit and create sessions, programs and targets.

A senior therapist basically has the same rights as a manager except they cannot delete sessions and programs and they can only access the exact clients you invite them to.

You can invite parents and therapists multiple times if you need them to access more clients. The first time they are invited, they are instructed to create a new profile and verify their e-mail address. After this process, they will automatically be able to access the client.

Revoke access

To revoke access to a client, simply delete the user from the client's list of users by clicking the small trash-bin next to the trainer's name.